#FreelanceConnect – What’s In A Business Plan?

#FreelanceConnect is group forming inside CSI to build a stronger freelancing network. Our goal is to encourage networking by asking questions, solving challenges and sharing knowledge.

“We shared our experiences of progress and uncertainty around next steps, and talked about different tools and platforms that we each had experience with. These discussions were really positive, helpful, and insightful.” – Adam Emanon, Freelancer in Resource Curation & Consulting, CSI Member

Connect with other freelancers to share best practices is valuable for your small business. It will help you share skills, find new clients and avoid common pitfalls.

Did you know 81% of freelancers will refer work to other freelancers when a client is not a good fit? Not only are you helping a freelance friend, but you’re also helping the customer meet their needs better.

Event Details

Date & Time: Monday February 22nd 6pm – 8pm

Location: Alterna Savings Room, 4th Floor – The Centre for Social Innovation, 215 Spadina Avenue

Maximum Capacity: 40 people


6 – 7 PM – Welcome and Network

1. Speed Networking!

For 30 minutes with open discussion of the similar to the following questions:

  • What tools help your business be successful?
  • How do you find customers?
  • What was a challenge you recently solved and how?
  • Is there something you may want help with?

2. Regroup!

For 30 minutes we come back together into a group and discuss what we learned from each other.

This way if there was a tip or tool mentioned in a side conversation, we can all hear and benefit.

7 – 8 PM – What’s In A Business Plan – Presentation with Q & A

  • Very short presentation with a few use cases.
  • Followed by an open discussion and Q & A.


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