What are green renovations?

“Start With Why” TED talk by Simon Sinek

The Ask

“Modernize my business website for 2016.”

Summarize and simplify the content.

Sage Living Toronto developed WordPress site which had accumulated a lot of content. This do-it-yourself solution outgrew SLT’s resources. The client needed someone who understood WordPress, could research design options, and could implement these solutions. Dynomie stepped in to fill that skills gap.

The client approached Dynomie with three simple high-level requests:

  1. To modernize the template while remaining consistent with branding.
  2. To assist with simplifying and organizing the content.
  3. To help emphasize “Start With Why” on the front page.

The Answer

We worked together to create and design an online experience that showcases the reasons users should come to Sage Living for their renovation and house improvements.

Dynomie updated the website’s template to a new responsive layout in the WordPress Content Management System. We revised and slimmed down the site content to make the information easier to absorb and showcases of the Sage Living’s approach and qualifications.

Responsive layout & navigation. (Hover mouse over image)

Key design features

  • Grid-based, modern, flexible design
  • Updated typography for pleasant reading
  • Organization of information and navigation
  • Branding consistent print media and slide shows

Key technical features

  • Configuration of responsive WordPress template
  • Home interactive grid widget to highlight the “Start With Why” points.