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Tru Ferguson is a Toronto-based portrait photographer with a background in high fashion and fine art. Having grown up with few photos of her parents’ lives, she cares deeply about helping others create heirloom images to share with their families. Drawing from her international fashion career and her experience creating stunning fine art images, Tru designs photo shoots that use light, colour, texture, fashion, and emotion in artful combinations to capture the best side of every subject. Her company TruPortrait takes a full-service approach to portraiture, providing services like hair/makeup/wardrobe styling to complement each client’s look. Her portraiture photo shoots are joyful celebrations of who each client is right now, capturing their outer beauty and reflecting the unique spirit of their personality. Tru’s clients can then share those images with their families and leave behind something irreplaceable: a record of a precious moment in time and space that will never come again.

Uniqueness is beautiful, but unique needs are not always accommodated. Let’s change that! Tru donates 2% of all her photography profits to the StopGap Foundation which builds ramps to create a barrier-free world.

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